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Get this pack of 30 greenhouse shading clips with washers to use over again to keep greenhouse shading in place in the summer.

Pack Contents: 30x Fixing Clips


  • Use over and over again, season after season
  • Plastic clips ideal for keeping greenhouse shading in place
  • Secures wire and insulation too for home interiors
  • Pack of 30 twist clips with washers

Get great greenhouse crops in summer when you provide sufficient shading from intense sunlight. Shading filters just the right amount of sunlight for effective plant growth without the relentless intensity of full sun, which can scorch home-grown crops and young bedding plants.

Shading is paramount for crops like cucumbers, home-grown tomatoes and developing seedlings when you sow seeds indoors.

You can use these clips over and over again from one summer to the next to keep your shading up and in place in the greenhouse. With washers your clips last for longer and protect the material of your shading.