Gro-Sure Easy Container Compost 25 Litre


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Enjoy a good 25 litre bag of compost, perfect for filling your garden pots and hanging baskets for the best of container growing.

Pack Contents: 1x 25L Bag of Compost


  • 25 litre bag with planting suggestions and tips
  • Unique water storing granules for easy watering
  • Six months nutrient-rich feed
  • With West+ for stronger roots for bigger plants

A perfectly formulated compost to fill multiple pots, planters or hanging baskets for impactful flower displays or successful container crops.

Gro-Sure Easy Container Compost holds unique water-storing granules which form convenient little reservoirs in your soil so your flowers get moisture in just the right quantities, even in the hottest and driest of summers; great for our changeable summers.

The compost contains a nutrient-rich feed that lasts up to six months- perfect for offering your container crops the nutrients they need over the whole of the growing season when other soils tire and become depleted of essential nutrients.

The compost itself is made up of natural fibres which gives it an open and airy structure for optimum root growth. Healthy roots mean stronger plants and better performance.

So just sit back and enjoy the merits of seeing your productive plants flourish while the soil gets to work doing a great job.

Useful Tip:

Drop the bag lightly onto the ground a few times to break up and loosen the soil. This makes it light,

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