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Gro-Sure Seed Start



Catalogue Code: 1090-4642

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Boost your seedlings and established plants for flowering and cropping success with Gro-Sure Seed Start. Simply sprinkle into soil.

Pack Contents: 1x 150g Bag


  • 25% better germination & establishment
  • Pre-treatment simply sprinkled into trays, modules, pots or into garden soil
  • With vermiculite for upping root growth
  • With wetting agent for holding in moisture
  • With Zeolite for locking in nutrients
  • With mycorrhizal fungi and friendly bacteria
  • 150g bag

Take advantage of Gro-sure Seed Start to add to your soil or compost and give your flowers and crops a welcome boost. Ideal for seed sowing for successful germination, young plants or even established trees this plant aid gives you full confidence that your flowers, crops and woody plants develop strongly and give you the results you deserve.

So how does it work?

When sowing, water is held around the seed on account of the wetting agents within to aid germination. At the young plant and established plant stages the mycorrhizal fungi and friendly bacteria enhance root development, particularly useful in winter when activity is at a high in the root zone while above the ground things are more quiet.

The mycorrhizal fungi & friendly bacteria also assists in transferring nutrients and providing roots with a means of shielding against soil-borne diseases. Great to further sowing and growing success.

The Zeolite holds nutrients in the soil near to the plants preventing nutrients from washing away. These nutrients feed the plants during the whole of your plants’ establishment.


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