GroChar Carbon Gold Tree Soil Improver 5kg


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Carbon Gold Organic Tree Fertiliser is the perfect treatment for your trees, shrubs, roses, bare root stock and hedging.

Pack Contents: 1x 5kg Bag


This unique, enriched biochar Tree Soil Improver is ideal for transplanting all types of trees, shrubs
and woody plants. Use for faster establishment and root growth. Essential for improving vitality and
reducing losses. Defends against transplant shock and drought stress.
Use when planting bare‐root trees and shrubs, or to protect established trees.
Adding enriched biochar to your plants will increase the vitality and reduce losses whilst delivering
increased nutrients and expanding microbial populations.

Biochar improves soil health, nutrition and
structure and reduces the need for watering.

Biochar – a one off, permanent soil amendment
Mycorrhizal fungi maximises nutrients & water uptake.

Seaweed for essential minerals and trace elements.

Organic wormcasts full of beneficial bacteria crucial to healthy root systems.

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