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GroSure Smart Cover 100L x2


Catalogue Code: 1090-4404

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Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover x 200 litres keeps your beds and borders looking tidy. It keeps weeds down year round and the soil beneath moist in summer.

Pack Contents: 2x 100Ltr bags


  • All-natural ground cover for beds, borders, planters and pots
  • Effective weed prevention- forms a barrier against weeds
  • Made of interlocking wood fibres providing 50% better coverage than bark
  • Made from FSC certified Irish spruce
  • Keeps the soil moist in summer
  • Stays in place, even on sloping ground and no matter what the weather
  • Tidy appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • 200 litres, 2 x 100 litre bags delivered to your door

Use Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover for your garden and vegetable plot to keep weeds down and provide a tidy appearance to the soil surface. Natural Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover makes a viable mulch to lay on top of the soil. Apply it to keep the soil moist through the summer and the soil warm in winter which protects vulnerable plant roots.

Made from interlocking wood fibres Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover provides 50% better coverage than straight bark. The wood fibres let air and moisture filter through while keeping weeds at bay. It’s lightweight and comfortable to use which makes it easy to apply to beds, borders, pots and planters.

We recommend that you finish beds and pots with a layer of Gro Sure Smart Ground Cover after weeding, planting and pruning jobs to keep your garden looking smart and tidy. The interlocking fibres keep this ground cover in place so you can rely on it all year round.


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