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Buy 12in Hanging Baskets , you receive a pair of 12in hanging baskets ready to use for your garden plants. Buy online at Marshalls Seeds.

Pack Contents: 2x 12" Easi-Plant Hanging Baskets


  • Make your hanging baskets burst with flower
  • With six side planting holes
  • With optimum water-retention

Made from tough, weather-proof recycled plastic, your Hanging Basket has removable side panels that make planting up incredibly quick and easy.

These Hanging Baskets don’t need a liner and have a flat bottom to prevent the baskets from tipping when you are planting. The base also acts like a reservoir to help retain water.

The 12” basket has six planting ports, equally spaced around the side.

Size: 12" diameter x 7" height (30cm x 18cm).


•Made from weather-proof recycled plastic.

•Removable side panels make planting quick and easy – no need to cut holes or worry about spacing.

•No need for a liner.

•They have a flat bottom which acts as a reservoir, helping to retain water.

•No tipping - flat bottom also aids planting .

•12” diameter (30cm)