Heavy Duty Wooden Pot Trolley 12in



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Move your garden pots around with this Gardman Wooden Pot Trolley as well as preventing stains to your patios. This pot support allows easy movement for your plants and garden pots with two brakes for stability.

Pack Contents: 1x 12in Plant Trolley


This Gardman Wooden Pot Trolley allows you to display garden pots and plants on a strong frame keeping them raised from patios to prevent stains. Using this pot trolley allows easy movement for your pots around the garden.

This pot trolley is constructed with FSC certified wood which holds pots up to 50kg.

An ideal piece of equipment to have especially when you need to bring containers indoors as the seasons change. You may wish to bring citrus and Mediterranean trees in as summer turns to autumn to keep them sheltered and well rested over winter.

Your trolley is perfect for keeping containers in place permanently when you want to move them to follow the sun through the day for maximum sunlight.

  • Prevents pots from staining patios
  • Strong construction for heavy pots
  • Two braked wheel for stability
  • Made from FSC certified wood
  • H 12cm x Dia. 30cm