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Hedgehog highway sign for hedgehog crossing. Strengthens the entrance to hedgehog holes in fences. Made from recycled plastic. H31.5cm x L28.5cm

Pack Contents: 1x Hedgehog Crossing Kit


  • Do your bit for UK British mammals
  • Strengthens a hedgehog hole for extra strength and durability
  • Made from second-life recycled plastic
  • Helps with hedgehog highways, important for declining hedgehog populations
  • Allows hedgehogs to feed sufficiently and meet potential breeding partners
  • 31.5cm x 28.5cm in height and width

Welcome hedgehogs with this easy yet effective concept – an entry point for hedgehogs to access and leave your garden as and when they need to, for much-needed feeding forages and to help them during the breeding season.

Hedgehog numbers have been declining for decades now and we are currently have at most a tenth of the population of these much-loved animal favourites, compared to in the 1950s. Help reverse this decline by facilitating hedgehog highways so hedgehogs can feed and breed without hindrances.

Hedgehogs have a varied diet but the biggest food sources are caterpillars, particularly pesky for home-growers. By helping hedgehogs out they repay the vegetable grower by feeding on the garden pests which eat leaves, stems and flowers.

Dimensions: 31.5cm x 28.5cm.