Hogilo Hedgehog House


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Hogilo hedgehog home for sheltering hedgehogs. Weatherproof plywood and recycled plastic construction for durability. H50cm x W39cm x D23cm

Pack Contents: 1x Hedgehog House


The modern and fit-for-purpose Hogilo offers hedgehogs a secure, reliable and safe refuge. It’s the choice of the Hedgehog Preservation Society for rehabilitating hedgehogs and for re-releasing hedgehogs back into the wild.

The top swivel-lid provides easy access to the interior of the Hogilo so you can clean it easily or feed or care for recovering hedgehogs without too much disturbance. An overhanging roof and porch protects against the rain. Raised feet prevents rot and rising damp for longevity of your wildlife gift and it’s healthier for the hedgehogs.

A narrow entrance tunnel is just shy of 12.5sq cm (5sq in), once inside the porch there is a further maze style entry door which your hedgehogs will enjoy negotiating before the inner protective sanctuary.

With environment in mind your Hoglio is made from recycled agricultural plastic on a plywood skeleton. The screwed construction techniques gives strength and longevity ensuring the habitat can withstand crushing or taking a hit from the grass trimmer.

We recommend you locate your Hogilo under a shrub or tree, out of strong winds. Place leaves around the house to further camouflage it from pets or predators. To help our hedgehogs put some short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside which acts as nesting material.

We recommend you clean the house if unoccupied in late-March to early April.

Dimensions: Height: 50cm (20in), width 39cm (15 ½ in) length 23cm (9in)