Houseplant Potting Compost 4L x2 and FREE Droplet Feeders



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Enjoy compost giving you superior plants indoors and get FREE droplet feeders that provide liquid feed over a four month period.

Pack Contents: 2x 4L Bags of Mix & 3x FREE Droplet Feeders


  • Compost perfect for growing houseplants
  • Perfect compost structure for healthy plant growth
  • Create impressive leaf and flowers displays from strong houseplants
  • Three FREE easy-plunge droplet feeders
  • Droplets feed roots for four months using gravity motion
  • Your two droplets provide eight months feed

Westland Houseplant Compost:

Get Westland Potting Mix to give your indoor gardening a boost. All your houseplants are happy in this Potting Mix thanks to the open structure of wood fibre and water-retaining ‘Seramis’. Houseplants like ferns and peace lilies thrive in the open soil and establish plenty of roots in response which consequently leads to plants with healthy green shoots.

With added perlite your soil gets the perfect balance between moisture-retention and drainage. Perfect for the roots of your favourite indoor plants this mix prevents the extremities of waterlogging and drought given you water your plants regularly.

Useful Tip:

When repotting plants place a little Houseplant Potting Mix at the bottom of your new container and back fill the side as you place the existing plant in the centre.

Droplet feeders:

Remove the lid and plunge your feeder into the soil.

Squeeze the cap to force a droplet out at the beginning of each month in the summer and let gravity do the rest for you. One droplet feeder feeds for up to 120 days (4 months). Use when your houseplants are actively growing the most above the soil- usually during summer.