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Hydration bird station for garden birds. Includes 3-set water tray, holder and hang up mesh cover to suspend. Great way to recycle plastic bottles.

Pack Contents: 1x Bird Water Kit

Size: Diameter: 7cm (3.5in)


  • Great-value and innovative
  • Environmentally sound
  • Use over and over again

Introduce this innovative hydration station to your outdoor area, great for garden birds, giving them a reliable supply of water they can come to trust. Attracting garden birds to your plot will encourage them to stick around and feed on pests in your garden.

If you get through a regular supply of plastic bottles but wish to recycle and up-cycle, this is your opportunity to help both birdlife and the environment as a whole, reducing the impact of plastic on the environment.

To use, just fill plastic fizzy-drink bottles with water or cubes of ice and twist the lid onto the blue base. Turn the bottle upside down then suspend it from a hook with the loop that comes with your Hydration Station. See garden birds flock to your Hydration Station to drink water especially important during hot weather and drought.

This is an effective and organic way to encourage birds into the garden to feed on the pests that obliterate your crops. This reduces your need for spraying as part of a pest management plan.

Bottles not included.