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Kent & Stowe - Deadheader Set

Kent & Stowe


Catalogue Code: 1090-7122

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Kent & Stowe set of pruning snips designed for removing dead flowers and shaping topiary bushes. These snips feature comfortable, soft touch, non-slip handles and are lightweight suitable for any gardener. Kent & Stowe cutting tools come with a 5 year guarantee.

Pack Contents: 2x Pairs of Snips


Enjoy this pair of quality pruning tools with the Kent & Stowe Garden Life Deadheader Set. Your set comprises two snips designed for gardening and pruning different plant material. The round-bladed snips are perfect for pruning delicate stems from young plants and for deadheading the flowers of bedding plants like petunias, busy Lizzies and roses.

The straight-bladed snips are great for precision cutting such as maintaining topiary, for cutting the stems of flowers like sweet peas for vases in your home and for taking softwood cuttings for propagating plant material.

As part of the Garden Life range these tools give gardeners and growers the maximum comfort. Soft touch and with non-slip grip handles these tools let you carry out all kinds of pruning tasks from deadheading to propagating plants by taking cuttings.

With well-designed thumb-operated locking catch too your snips are fully secured when not in use and store away safely giving you peace of mind.

  • Two quality pruning tools in your set
  • High-quality stainless steel blades
  • Round bladed snips with bypass action; ideal for more delicate stems
  • Straight bladed snips with micro-tip; designed for precision cutting
  • Created to give maximum comfort and enjoyment from a lighter and more compact tool, perfect for smaller hands
  • Comfortable, soft touch, non-slip grip handles and easy thumb-operated locking catches for safe storage
  • Perfect for pruning, shaping and deadheading flowers and suited for small plants, flowers and herbs

Useful tip:

Wipe blades with oiled cloth after each use and sharpen when necessary to keep blades in great condition.

Kent & Stowe cutting tools come with a 5-year guarantee.