Kent & Stowe - Jute Natural Twine on a Handle

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Take advantage of the natural twine and handle to mark out rows on the vegetable plot and boundaries for beds, ponds and other garden features. Simply plunge the handle in the ground and the string extends to the length you desire.

Pack Contents: 1x 80m Twine on Handle


  • Great for the home and garden toolbox
  • Fully biodegradable, environmentally sound
  • Three-ply strength

Get hold of this fantastic-value reel of robust three-ply jute twine, 100% biodegradable and the perfect accessory for tying stems onto both trellises and wig-wam structures. Fantastic for training fruit trees including wall fruit like apricots and encouraging flowers and crops to grow upright.

It also makes an ideal accessory for marking out rows in the allotment or on vegetable on account of the reel that you just stick in into the ground so it creates a sturdy base from which you can pull out the strong twine to your desired length.

Equally effective in the home for all those little jobs; keeping cables together and wrapping presents.