Kitchen Garden Collection 1x12


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Sow seeds in this Kitchen Seed Progagator Refill Pack in good quality seed compost to shelter them from the elements. You’ll not believe the quality of these home grown beauties!

Pack Contents: 12x Seed Packets


If you bought our Kitchen Seed collection last year, which came with a free propagator, why not look to refill it with some of these outstanding varieties.

Kitchen Garden Collection 1x12 consists of 12 packets of seeds, 1 packet each of:

Beetroot Boltardy, Broad Bean The Sutton, Carrot Resistafly, French Bean Cobra, French Bean Delinel, Courgette Zucchini, Leek Musselburgh, Lettuce Amaze, Radish French Breakfast, Runner Bean White Lady, Swede Marian and Tomato Montello.