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Eureka Lemons are a vigorous and productive lemon tree with few thorns and good sized fruit with lots of juice and few seeds.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 1 x Lemon Eureka Tree

Height: Approx. 60-80cm total.


  • Flowers and fruits year-round
  • Large, fragrant fruit
  • Evergreen trees for all year interest

Eureka Lemons grow on vigorous and productive trees with few painful thorns and good-sized zesty fruit with lots of juice and a paucity of seeds.

Look forward to fruit in various stages of maturity all through the year. The main harvest is from October to February, but you can look forward to intermittent flowering and fruiting all year round.

Although citrus are not hardy outdoors in Britain you can easily grow them in pots outdoors in summer as long as they are brought into a cool, light, but frost-free place for the winter, such as a frost-free greenhouse or cool conservatory.

Fragrant flowers appear all year round especially in late winter so they often flower and fruit at the same time.

Our Citrus Trees are delivered between mid March to late August as potted specimens in 13cm pots.

We recommend that you carefully remove the lid, place in the soil of your citrus plant and let gravity work its magic! Feeder solution not for human consumption.