Liberty Pond Pump and LED Light

Blagdon Liberty


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Introduce your garden water features with combined pump and solar-recharge light, perfect for creating effective light displays.

Pack Contents: 1x Pond Pump Kit


  • Combined solar-recharged pond or feature pump and LED light
  • Runs or illuminates a fountains and water features
  • Pumping height 1.25m
  • Flow rate 200 litres per hour
  • Intelligent control options
  • Pond fountain float and anchor (to suit all pond depths)
  • Four fountain styles and fittings (single jet, star jet, 7-hole daisy jet and 12-hole daisy jet)
  • Six hour lithium-ion battery with 2.5W solar panel
  • 3 year guarantee

Create big impact from your pond or water feature and produce moody light displays with this Liberty Pond Pump and LED light battery-powered solar recharge. With three different modes (continuous / repeat daily timer/ on demand) and four fountain styles create different water effects and lighting displays to create a great ambience.

The pre-filter pump and LED light ring prevents fountains and water features clogging up with debris like algae. The 2.5W solar panel recharges the six-hour lithium battery so your integrated pump and LED light is mains-free. With intelligent control options you are in full control of the power and operation settings.

Fittings within your kit include wall brackets and fixtures, flow control valve, hose adaptors, fountain extension pipes and ground spike for solar panel.