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Maris Bard Seed Potatoes x15 Tubers


Catalogue Code: 1050-6763

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Top up your Gro-Sack Kit with a refill batch of 15 potato Maris Bard seed potatoes, sent to you in a mesh bag to keep them well-aired and disease-free. Enjoy the early-summer harvests of fresh, new potatoes with clean, pale skin and flesh and an earthy.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 1kg Pack (Approx. 15 Tubers)


  • Bred for great flavour
  • Holds its shape well on boiling
  • Disease-resistant

Favoured by both home-growers and kitchen experts Maris Bard is a first-early potato that has great colour and a pleasant texture in the mouth thanks to its great qualities as a boiled potato. With yellow flesh it is great for boiling for potato salads for early summer side dishes.

You can expect heavy crops of fresh, new potatoes from as early as May. Showing resistance to powdery scab Desiree is more likely to be blemish-free for attractive tubers as well as tasty ones.

Useful tips:

Clean out your existing Gro-Sack before refilling with your new top up of potatoes. Refill with a fresh lot of vegetable compost treated to a little pre-planting Potato Fertiliser.

We recommend you harvest up just two months after planting in early spring. If late frosts are predicted be sure to cover emerging stems with a horticultural fleece to avoid damage.

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