Marshalls Fruit and Vegetable Plant Food Concentrate



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A fast-acting liquid plant feed with seaweed extract and trace elements that promotes healthy plant growth and development as well as prolific flowering and fruiting of crops.

Pack Contents: 1x 1L Bottle


Makes over 200 litres of ready-use feed, perfect for home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Less than £6 for easy-apply food for vegetables to feed a family of four for a whole season this fast-acting liquid plant feed with all major nutrients and trace elements promotes healthy growth and development of your fruit and vegetable crops.

One weekly dose feeds around 2 typical allotment rows or a couple of small VegTrugs (available from Marshalls), full of vegetables.

Your easy-apply and easy-to-dilute feed gives heavier yields of fruit and vegetables thanks to the formula which improves disease resistance and actively promotes flowering and fruiting.

Directions for use

Shake well before use

Apply 1 ½ inner capfuls (22ml) to 4 ½ litres of water

Apply weekly during the growing season (unless stated otherwise for feeding instructions on specific crop)


Fully-sealed sturdy bottle allows reliable and long-term storage.

Store a cool, dry, frost-free location out of direct sunlight and away from children, pets and foodstuffs. Reseal after use

Volume: 1 litre