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Get hold of these strong metal garden pegs for securing horticultural fleece and other matting ideal for vegetable plots and allotments. They fit through the rims of our Victorian bell-jar cloches too, keeping them firmly in place through the summer.

Pack Contents: 10x Garden Pegs

Size: L:15.5cm


  • 10 strong pegs in every pack
  • Keep fleece and weed-mats firmly in place
  • 15 ½ cm for firm anchorage

These reliable metal pegs keep your horticultural fleece and protective matting firmly in place even when it’s blowing a gale outdoors thanks to the strong metal construction and 15 ½ cm (6 ½ in) long prongs that press firmly into your soil.

Use over and over again; these metal pegs withstand years of allotment use and are your go-to when applying horticultural fleece or pest protection matting. Great for keeping geo-textile membrane over the ground to suppress weeds too.

These garden pegs go hand in hand with the individual Victorian cloches. Simply pop one prong into the holes around the rim of the bell-jars and your cloches are fully secure giving you peace of mind over the growing season.

Useful tip:

When not in use wipe the pegs off clean when an oily cloth and keep them together somewhere cool, tying them together with some string or elastic band.