Micro-Leaf - Salad Seed Collection


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Excellent micro-leaf collection that contains our favourite varieties which provide edible stems in as little as 2 weeks

Pack Contents: 5 Packs (1 pack of each variety)


Our Micro-Leaf Collection consists of 1 pack of the following:

  • Broccoli - Super-nutritious green sprouts contain high levels of anti-cancer chemicals
  • Mustard Red Frills - Superb deep red and green shoots with a mild potato taste at first followed by a fiery mustard flavour
  • Rocket Great nutty flavours make this incredibly easy-to-grow rocket a favourite for adding to tomatoes, pasta dishes and salads.
  • Red Stemmed Radish Sangira - Bright sprouts with highly attractive, bright red stems and a spicy and peppery flavour
  • Basil Dark Opal - Lovely dark purple shoots are particually attractive and add a beautiful contrast to salads or as a garnish
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