Gardman Mini Hanging Bird Bath


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Hanging bird bath for garden birds. With frost resistant, glaze dish and chains and hook attached. Diameter 20cm

Pack Contents: 1x hanging bird bath


  • Attractive glaze dish
  • Frost-resistant
  • Hang up with chains included
  • Easy to use: no tools required
  • Diameter: 20cm (8in)

Get this beautiful sapphire blue bird bath to hang up in your garden and be entertained by garden birds arriving to drink and bathe. This great-value glazed stoneware dish is weatherproof; just hang it up in the garden or keep at ground level where blackbirds and thrushes will bathe happily.

Water is so important for birds year-round, especially in summer where they need to bathe. Bathing restores the essential oils in their feathers and keep them clean, particularly important in the moulting season in summer.

Birds need to drink every day too so with this bird bath you will help to protect your favourite garden birds and keep them well watered.

This bird bath makes a beautiful gift for garden and bird lovers. It comes with top advice on where best to site it and tips on how to keep it clean and long-lasting.