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Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer (Spring) 100sq.m



Catalogue Code: 1090-3837

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Fast, effective and natural control of chafer grubs. This product is only effective when soil temperature is at or above 5 degrees. We will send it to you at its optimum time.


When in stock this product gets despatched once a week on a Thursday. It is dispatched on a 24 hour delivery service.

Pack Contents: 1x 100sq.m Pack


  • Save your lawn and make it a green sward of grass
  • Organic and natural nematode solution to kill leatherjackets
  • Covers 50 square metre (60 square yards) area for a spring application

Avoid chafer grub attack on your lawn by mixing Nemasys Grub Killer, based on a naturally occurring nematode in the soil, with water and douse this biological solution over your lawn. Chafer grubs are the large white larvae of the beetle, chafer beetle. Before they reach adult stage they feed on grass roots ruining your otherwise well-kept grass.

You may have seen that your green lawn is showing areas of yellow in spring and that the grass pulls up easily with no roots attached; this is likely to be badly affected by chafer grubs. Another indication is lots of birds flocking to your lawn, particularly starlings, feeding all at once pecking at the grass.

If you notice these symptoms in spring treat your lawn to a solution of Nemasys Grub Killer. Your pack treats 50 square metres in spring and introduces naturally occurring nematodes into the rootzone of the soil. They hunt out soft-bodied chafer grubs to feed on.

It is important to re-apply in the autumn. More chafer beetles may have mated in the summer and laid eggs in the lawn. An autumn application will eliminate this generation of leatherjackets and keep them at bay. In autumn the same quantity of Nemasys Grub Killer will treat 100 square metres of lawn.

Please note that the soil temperature should be 5ºC (40ºF) or over, however, Nematodes are capable of surviving the odd frost. To ensure proper storage please keep refrigerated upon delivery and use by the use by date (which can be up to four weeks).


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