New Horizon Tomato Planter Bag 40L


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A naturally peat-free formulation that gives every plant triple the goodness. This tomato planter is perfect for growing tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Pack Contents: 1x 40L Tomato Growing Bag

Size: 60cm x 45cm x 10cm


  • 100% natural, sustainable and peat free
  • Specially blended for all types of vegetables
  • Perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers and and peppers
  • Perfect for growing two plants
  • The added base fertiliser feeds plants for up to 6 week

Regular tomato grow bags can be difficult to water and tend to be too shallow which prevents tomato plants putting down a strong set of roots. With New Horizon Tomato Planter your roots have the room to develop freely with encourages better and more productive green growth which in turn encourages more flowers and fruit.

New Horizon Tomato Planter is naturally peat-free and gives every plant triple the goodness. It's an ideal blend of loam, coir and added ingredients to achieve a compost with impressive moisture-holding and aerating properties.

The BIO3 formulation of Bio-fibre, West+ formulation and Coir+ contains no green waste so maintains a consistently superior blend for continued growing and gardening success.

Useful Tip:

Simply roll the bag and shake to open up the compost. Simply cut the bag lengthwise along the marked line. Make two holes evenly spaced and place your two tomato plants as shown on the packet. Water each day in the morning or evening and combine with a feed three days after flowers appear.

Additional delivery charges apply when you order more than two bags.