Painter Mussels - Molluscs x5


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Add painter mussels to your pond and keep your pond clean. The mussels feed on the decaying matter that cause algae which in turn makes the pond green.

Pack Contents: 5x Painter Mussels


  • Five mussels delivered straight to your door in sealed container
  • Bi-valve pond dwellers that clean your pond naturally
  • Feed on algae and decaying matter
  • Attractive mussels, 10cm in length
  • Add one mussel per square metre area

Introduce this natural pond creature to your pond, a natural way of keeping algae levels down and keeping your pond clear. Painter Mussels, roughly 10cm in length, are light brown and move slowly around your pond feeding on decaying matter.

You receive five Painter Mussels in a container of freshwater which you should add to your pond when it is populated with plants and established pond life like pond snails and daphnia and insect larvae.

The mussels live on and around the pond floor where decaying and dead matter congregates overtime. The decaying matter makes ponds nitrate-rich which in turn encourages algae that makes ponds green and opaque.

The mussels keep dead matter levels down so that algae levels are down as a consequence. This makes your pond clear the natural way without you needing to resort to chemicals. Adding these natural cleaners is great for wildlife gardeners or those that like to garden organically.