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Great value triple pack of potatoes Salad Blue, Burgundy Red and Mayan Gold for long harvests of tasty home-grown potatoes.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 3kg, 1kg each of Salad Blue, Highland Burgundy and Mayan Gold


  • 3 x 1kg bags of seed potatoes for planting, perfect for growing at home
  • Trusted and productive heritage varieties
  • Red, blue and cream-fleshed potatoes, high in nutrients and vitamins
  • Long five-month harvest period
  • Plant in beds or grow bags to suit your plot

Take advantage of the Patriotic Potato Collection for impressive harvests of home-grown potatoes in Union Jack colours blue, red and creamy white. Not only are these potatoes colourful they are big in nutrients and antioxidants for great health.

These varieties are suitable for growing both in the ground or in grow bags on a patio or a balcony if you only have a small space.

You receive 3 x 1kg bags of seed potatoes of the following varieties:

Potato Salad Blue – harvest July-September

Heritage super-food variety, high in antioxidants. Summer-harvesting potatoes great for steaming, roasting and mash potato.

Potato Highland Burgundy- harvest September- November

Rare red-purple-fleshed main crop variety ready in late summer and harvestable throughout autumn. Good chipper and mash potato variety.

Potato Mayan Gold – harvest August-October

Long tubers at harvest time, easy to slice when preparing in the kitchen. Great for roast potatoes, and satisfyingly nutty in flavour.

We suggest that you add pre-planting potato fertiliser to your soil just before planting. Plant around five seed potatoes if growing in grow bags like our Gro-Sacks.

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