Peckish All Weather Suet Cake Feeder


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An ideal little metal cage to accommodate your square ‘soap-block’ suet products. Constructed as a stainless steel cage, large hook and glazed-green metal lid this feeder is weather-proof, easy to clean and nice-looking to boot. Houses 90cm x 90cm blocks.

Pack Contents: 1x Suet Cake Feeder


  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Perfect for ‘soap-block’ cakes
  • Multiple clinging birds can feed at once

Your All Weather Suet Cake Feeder holds square suet cakes like Peckish 300g Complete Suet Cakes to feed the birds with supplementary fat while natural sources of food are scarce. Birds hang around to feed on garden pests like caterpillars, doing some of your pest control for you.

This Peckish strong and dependable stainless steel cage is built to withstand rain, snow or relentless sun; and it’s particularly robust to harsh winters.

With handy built-in hook we suggest you pop your feeder onto a nail fixed to the fence or over a strong branch so garden birds have nearby perches to take it in turns to feed.

With easy-opening roof lid your cake doesn’t get wet from the rain and it’s just so easy to pull up and put back on again once you refill the feeder.

Dimensions: 12.5cm (5 in).