Peckish All Weather Suet Cake Feeder


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An ideal little metal cage to accommodate your square ‘soap-block’ suet products. Constructed as a stainless steel cage, large hook and glazed-green metal lid this feeder is weather-proof, easy to clean and nice-looking to boot. Houses 90cm x 90cm blocks.

Pack Contents: 1x Suet Cake Feeder


  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Perfect for ‘soap-block’ cakes
  • Multiple clinging birds can feed at once

The Peckish All Weather Suet Cake Feeder is perfect for holding square suet cakes, and attracts many birds to your garden. Simply hang on a dining station or feeding hook.

This strong and dependable stainless steel cage is built to withstand the rain, snow or relentless sun; and is particularly robust to harsh winters.

The simple, easy to open roof lid makes refilling and cleaning easier.


Where to site

Site your feeder 2 metres from cover to make the feeder visible, whilst providing a safe place for the birds to retreat to.

Put out food at the start of the day to ensure that birds can replace the energy that they've lost overnight


Dimensions: 12.5cm (5 in).