Peckish Complete Suet Bites 750g


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Get suet bites for garden birds and bring in garden bird favourites. 500g and 50% extra free.

Pack Contents: 1x 750g Pack


  • High in fat for essential energy
  • No mess and without husks
  • With added Calvita vitamin mix
  • 500g plus 50% extra free

Suet Bites are perfect energy-rich treats for garden birds, high in fat so birds get the energy they require to survive winter freezes and then in spring and summer when they are bring up families and need lots of calories.

This great-value pack of Peckish Complete Suet Bites is loved by garden bird favourites like robins and blackbirds. Feed these birds now and they stick around into spring and summer feeding on the most common garden pests like aphids and caterpillars, a fantastic benefit of feeding birds.

Calvita vitamin mix is added to the bites to fortify the ingredients with much-appreciated nutrients which promote strong beaks, healthy insulating feathers and good digestion

Pour your suet bites into suet feeders or seed feeders hanging from bird tables or trees. Alternatively sprinkle some pellets on the ground to sate the appetite of ground-feeding birds like wagtails and robins.