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Bring tits, finches and other garden birds on to the plot or in your garden with the weatherproof and durable Peckish Daily Goodness Feeder which accommodates soft fat balls and nuggets perfect for the small beaks of pretty bird species like tits and dunn

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 1x Nugget Feeder


  • Multiple clinging birds can feed at once
  • Suitable for small beaks and young birds
  • Perfect for soft nuggets of suet and fat

Attract those garden birds that will feed on garden pests in spring.

Feeding holes on the central metal tube are the idea size for many garden birds to cling onto the outside of and feed with simplicity. Agile and acrobatic birds such as tits are particularly adept and agile to feed from this.

Purpose-built strong feeder, perfect for holding Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets, including broad metal hook for easy hanging from bird tables or branches. Easy to fill up and easy to clean to keep the bird feed area safe and hygienic.

This feeder has a strong structure and is great for use with Daily Goodness Nuggets fatballs and suet-products.

Dimensions: 30cm (12in) length, 7cm (3 1/2in) diameter.