Peckish Extra Goodness Energy Balls - 32 Pack



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Great value bundle, just 38p per ball. Half price off the RRP! Peckish extra goodness balls contain extra added protein, seeds and energy to help fuel garden birds for longer. This large 32 pack will feed birds for a long time and is sure to attract a wide range of birds to your garden.

If you would like more information on caring for Wild Birds in your garden you can view our comprehensive birds guides by clicking here.

Pack Contents: 8 x Packs of 4 Balls (32 Energy Balls)


  • Packed with nutrition.
  • No added filler.
  • Extra protein and seeds.
  • Fuels birds for longer.

This large 32 pack of extra goodness energy balls gives a wide variety of garden birds long-lasting energy.

Packed with extra, protein, seeds and energy these balls will go further. Peckish Extra Goodness balls contain more protein and fat than any other Peckish brand energy balls.

They have an added peanut aroma that is very attractive to garden birds that have a poor sense of smell.

These suet balls have no extra added wheat or calcium carbonate which are often used to bulk up other products.

Ingredients include Wheat Flour, Peanuts, Black Sunflower Seeds & Beef Tallow.

This bulk-sized pack contains 8 individual packs of 4 energy balls.