Peckish Secret Garden Leaf Tray Feeder



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Secret Garden Leaf Tray Feeder 81cm for garden birds with free Essential Mix 200g seed packs x3. Dual-purpose feeder and bird bath.

Pack Contents: 1x Leaf Tray Feeder

Height: H81cm (2 ½ ft)


  • Dual-purpose feeder or bird bath
  • With strong and stable ground spike
  • Perfect for staking into the lawn or flower bed
  • With attractive finish
  • With leaf umbrella for extra protection from bad weather
  • Easy to assemble

Encourage birds to visit your garden with the Peckish Secret Garden Leaf Tray Feeder. This decorative leaf feeder allows birds to easily help themselves to seeds, treats and morsels. The feeder is designed decoratively to resemble a leaf, mirroring the ambience of your garden. The feeder features a unique ‘umbrella’ roof to add protection whilst the birds are feeding.

Easy to assemble and no tools required. Simply push the strong and stable spike into your lawn or a flower bed. Fill up the feeder and watch the birds visit your garden.