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This fantastic bundle is EXCLUSIVE to Marshalls and gives you great value for money – the re-useable feeder can be re-filled more than 25 times with the 12.75kg bag of feed giving you around 12 weeks of feeding during the summer. The Seed & Nut Mix RRP is £16.99 and the 3 Port Feeder RRP is £9.99 so SAVING you £6.97 off the RRP plus FREE DELIVERY. Peckish Complete is a high-quality seed and nut mix which is proven to attract the UK’s top 10 garden birds including Robins, Blue Tits and Goldfinches.

Pack Contents: 1 x Seed Feeder & 12.75kg of Seed



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  • Packed with 12 high-quality ingredients
  • With added Calvita® Vitamin Mix to support bird health
  • No-mess formula
  • Reusable 3-port seed feeder

Peckish Complete Seed and Nut Mix 12.75kg

Peckish Complete Seed and Nut Mix is a unique seed blend which is packed full of energy and key nutrients that birds need to thrive. This no-mess mix has had the seed husks removed which means no residue left on the ground for you to clean up, and also prevents waste. It’s perfect for feeding the birds all-year-round and has been proven to attract the UK’s top 10 garden birds including Robins, Goldfinches and Blue Tits.

Peckish Complete is enriched with the unique Calvita® Vitamin Mix which includes:

  • Carotenoids to develop feather colour and protect from sunlight damage
  • Calcium which promotes bone & feather growth and is essential for egg production
  • Vitamins A, D, E & Biotin to strengthen beaks & bones and help growth & reproduction

Peckish 3 Port Seed and Nyjer Feeder

The Peckish 3 Port Seed and Nyjer Feeder is a strong, versatile feeder which is easy to use and clean. It features interchangeable perches so that it can be used as either a Seed or Nyjer feeder.

To re-fill the feeder, simply twist off the lid and pour in the birdseed. This feeder can hold up to 500g of seed and can be re-filled over 25 times with the supplied 12.75kg bag of feed.

We recommend that you place your feeder at least 2 metres away from covers, such as trees or shrubs. This makes the feeder visible to birds but not too close if there’s a risk of predators, making it a safe place for the birds to retreat to.

It's a good idea to put food out at the start of the day to ensure that the birds can replace the energy that they've lost overnight.