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Make these squirrel-proof suet pellets part of your bird food range: they are high-energy tasty morsels for garden birds but too hot for squirrels, with hot pepper added to the pellets’ composition. This leaves your feeders open for the garden birds.

Pack Contents: 1x 1kg Bag


  • Feed birds not squirrels
  • Too hot for squirrels
  • Calcium-rich ingredients
  • Attract pest-eating birds

Suet pellets with added pepper are a big deterrent for grey squirrels. Squirrels stay clear from your bird station when you put out suet pellets from this generous 1kg bag- two of which fills a standard feeder three times. This tasty treat, full of essential fats, is perfect for your favourite garden birds; they are indifferent to the added pepper.

Every pellet has a large fat content; high in energy much needed for the wellbeing of garden birds during deep winter and high summer. The pellets have added Calvita®. Calvita® is made up of vitamins and nutrients including calcium to promote healthy feathers and beaks.

Fills universal mesh-centre bird feeders which birds can pick at at for great nutrition and the energy they need to cope with the cold months. Every pack illustrates helpful bird-feeding tips and the range of British birds you are likely to attract with these squirrel-proof suet pellets.

Pour pellets on bird tables too and ground trays to attract robins, blackbirds and dunnocks, all of which feed close to the ground or perch rather than cling to feeders.