Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cakes and Feeder


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Get hold of this lovely gift with free bird feeder; an energy-rich treat for garden birds in winter when they need it for survival.

If you would like more information on caring for Wild Birds in your garden you can view our comprehensive birds guides by clicking here.

Pack Contents: 8x Cakes & 1x Feeder


  • 8 x 300g Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cakes
  • FREE suet cake feeder with integrated hook
  • Great gift idea for keen bird enthusiasts
  • Festive mince pie flavour
  • High-energy ingredients
  • Enriched with Calvita vitamins
  • Informative hints and information on every pack

Great gift box pack of eight Winter Warmer suet cakes with a FREE suet cake feeder lets you feed garden birds right away. Your feeder comes with integrated hook for quick and easy hanging over branches or over nails set into your fence.

Every suet cake measures 10 ½cm x 10 ½cm x 3cm and is full of kibbled maize, sunflower seeds, red and white dari seeds, linseed, oats and suet pellets all high in energy and brought together in a high-quality beef tallow with added calcium carbonate for healthy, insulating downy feathers, crucial for their survival in winter.

Every suet cake is fortified with Calvita Vitamin Mix including carotenoids and calcium which ups healthy bone, feather, beak and bone development. Birds need to develop a thick layer of insulating downy feathers to see them through cold winter nights.

Featuring a festive mince pie flavour this Christmas treat is a tasty and energy-rich treat for a whole range of colourful garden birds, full of character. Every gift pack gives an illustrated guide on which birds your Winter Warmer suet cakes may bring into your garden, plus handy expert hygiene and feeding tips to make sure you get a rewarding bird-feeding experience.