Plantpak Digital pH Meter



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Assess your soil acidity/alkalinity with ease and discover which vegetable, fruit or flowers grow best in your soil.

Pack Contents: 1x Digital pH Meter


  • Clear digital meter, easy to read
  • Find out which ornamentals and crops grow best in your soil
  • Easy to test in flower beds, pots and baskets
  • With orange shell – difficult to lose while gardening

Enjoy using this modern gardening device to measure the acid or alkalinity level of your soil which determines which flowers, fruit or vegetables grow best in your garden.

With conspicuous orange handle you won’t misplace this meter in the soil; it’s so eye-catching. After use wipe the probe clean for using again.

Simpler and more accurate to read than traditional colour-defining pH kits the Plantpak Digital pH Meter is a joy for home growers and gardeners. Simply place the probe in soil (not recently watered with tap water which will give an inaccurate high alkalinity reading) and note the number.

Useful Tip:

If the reading is greater than 7.0, cottage flowers such as wallflowers and aubrieta will thrive in these soils and crops like cabbages, Brussells sprouts and cauliflowers. Should your reading be lower than 7.0 then consider flowers like azaleas, rhododendrons, skimmias and crops like blueberries.