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Potato Growing Sacks - 3 Pack


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Our potato growing sacks are tough and weather-proof and are perfect for growing a range of potato varieties on patios and balconies.

Pack Contents: 3x Growing Bags

Size: H18in(45cm) x W12in(30cm) x D12in(30cm)


  • Built to last for years
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Strong tough and extremely versatile
  • Use anywhere in the garden.
  • The growing sacks will hold 50L of compost each. 

Designed to last, tough, strong and resilient. Potato growing bags are a real favourite with home-growers. They are fantastic for growers who only have a small space to grow in or want to grow in a contained area. Just one sack you can grow three potato plants which will give you between 15-30 potatoes. So it’s a fantastic investment!

One of the biggest compliments our sacks receive is just how versatile they are. Built to last, extremely hard-wearing providing you with a multitude of uses. Not only for growing different crop varieties but for moving heavy items such as rubble and old compost. These grow bags will last you for years!

Another huge factor for their popularity is that your crops are less prone to disease.

Each growing sack holds approximately 50 litres of compost.