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2 packs for £24.98 Save £5 (50 bulbs)

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Potato Tricolour Taster Kit


Catalogue Code: 1090-6685

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Regular price £14.99
Looking for something a little different? These versatile crops makes excellent mash potato and chips too so an excellent choice for the kitchen garden.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 3 x 5 Tubers, 3 Potato Sacks & Potato Feed


Save over £5 when you buy our bestselling red, white & blue colour co-ordinated potato collection for just £14.99.

It brings a riot of colour to your plate and is so simple it’s ideal for novices and experts alike.

Our rugged Gro-Sacks were designed by our in-house technical team who were tasked with making the best grow bag in the UK.

Grow your potatoes on balconies, patios, gardens and allotments with this collection. Plus your Gro-Sacks are guaranteed to last at least 5 years thanks to their superior stitching and UV resistant treatment.

Your Red, White & Blue collection contains:

5 Maris Piper tubers: Known as the 'chippies choice' it’s a brilliant variety for the kitchen garden renowned for its high yields of top flavoured tubers. Perfect for chips, wedges and sauteed potatoes. Harvested Sep – Oct. Retail Value £3.49

5 Highland Burgundy tubers: This wonderfully red-fleshed, heavy-yielding main-crop variety holds its colour well when cooked. It’s an excellent variety for mash potatoes and can often be found being used at your local gastro pub. Harvested Sep – Oct. Retail value £3.49

5 Purple Majesty tubers: The first ever purple potato to be sold commercially in Britain. Great in salads or as a jacket potato its rich purple skin and dark purple flesh makes it a favourite with kids and adults alike when served at dinner. Jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants it’s a fantastic addition to the super-food family. With its origins in the Andes, it’s really something special to try. Early main crop harvested September. Retail value £3.49

75g Sachet Potato Feed: One of our most popular fertilisers, it’s specifically formulated for growing potatoes. Just mix in with your compost or soil prior to planting your tubers. Plus a little goes a long way as a 75g packet is enough for 3 Gro-sacks. Retail value of £1.99.

The N:P:K balance is: 15:21:24.5

3x Potato Gro-Sacks Measurements - H 45cm W 30cm by 30cm - Holds 70 litres: So versatile! Gro-Sacks can grow carrots, aubergines, peppers and many other vegetables and flowers. Each Gro-Sack requires 70L Compost.

Rugged, durable and completely re-usable. Each Gro-Sack bag is manufactured to the highest standard, and is re-usable for season after season. UV treated for maximum durability to 5 years. Retail value £7.99.

H18in(45cm) x W12in(30cm) x D12in(30cm)

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