Potting On Pots 5in/12.5cm x5


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Get recycled potting-on pots, made in the UK especially handy for growing on young plants before putting them outside to mature into healthy plants.

Pack Contents: 5x 12cm Pots


  • Five stackable pots in every pack
  • Created in the UK
  • Fully recycled
  • Perfect for potting on young plants before planting out in the garden
  • 5cm diameter pots
  • Reusable for a lifetime

The perfect pots for training young plants to grow into stronger adult plants with impressive roots.

Ideal at this crucial part of their development before you place plants outside directly in the soil or in your containers. At 12.5cm in diameter there is enough soil volume for your young plants to grow on developing promising stems and leafy shoots, but not too much that the soil becomes cold which can deter roots from developing well.

Made in the UK these pots befit British horticulture and being fully reusable and recyclable they become a year on year great addition to your gardening kit.

Useful Tip

When potting-on fill pots with a compost friendly to young plants such as John Innes No. 2 Potting-On Compost. It has just the right balance of airy to moisture-holding properties and the correct ratio of nutrients perfect for plants in the early stages of their life.