Pre-Compost Bokashi Bin Pair with Bran


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Get this pair of fermenting bins perfect for turning food waste into usable soil conditioner perfect for compost bins.

Pack Contents: 2x 23L Bins & 2kg of Bran

Size: H:42cm x W:30cm x D:30cm (Each Bin)


  • Two 23 litre Bokashi bins- one to fill, other to ferment (H42cm x W30cm x D30cm)
  • Full instructions included
  • With tap, drainage tray, scoop, masher and cup
  • 2 kg Bokashi bran

Bokashi Bins provide a clean and effective way of turning food waste into invaluable soil compost or liquid plant food.

Add your food waste after your dinner to one of your Bokashi Bins and sprinkle some Bokashi Bran over the top which speeds up the fermentation process. Repeat every time you add waste to the bin until the Bokashi Bin is full.

Let your bin do its magic for a couple to three weeks to complete the fermentation process, syphoning out excess liquid using the tap every few days. Once complete, your waste is ready to add to the garden.

Let the fermented waste ‘finish off’ in your compost heap or introduce into a wormery (a house of worms). Because the Bokashi Bin has fermented the food all the odours have neutrtalised. The food waste won’t be a draw to vermin as smells are absent.

Adding the fermented waste to a wormery will speed up the process in your wormery, helping to produce nutrient rich liquid for plant food (like a comfrey tea). The oxygen-absent process it goes through in the Bokashi Bin and the oxygen-present process in the wormery come together to make the quickest and most efficient way of turning raw food waste to usable and nutritious soil conditioner.


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