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Get hold of polyanthus-type primrose Champagne for late-winter flower colour which is guaranteed to lift your spirits in January and February when other flowers are scarce. Tall stems reveal colour-changing white to pink flowers above a rosette.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Great in hanging baskets
  • Loved by pollinators
  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 24x Large Primrose Plug Plants

Height: 16cm / 6.5in


  • Attractive tall polyanthus primrose great in shade
  • Fills an area of one square metre (square yard)
  • 24 plants delivered to you in protective pack
  • Adds welcome flower colour in late winter
  • Great in a woodland border or in containers

Introduce polyanthus Champagne to your garden or plot which withstands both full sun and deep shade. In late January colour-changing primrose flowers, from white to pink, open out on tall stems above a rosette of striking, dark leaves.

One of the hardiest of polyanthus primroses Champagne will make a welcome appearance in late January whatever the winter throws at it.

Growing suggestions:

Pair up with tall daffodils like Avalon, snowflakes Leucojum or consider growing near to a winter honeysuckle or daphne for additional flower power. The evergreen leaves of Bergenia also make the perfect partner.

Helpful tip:

Nip out the flowers once they start to fade and age; this promotes new buds for more flowers for displays lasting longer and possibly into spring.

How your plants arrive:

Your plants are sent to you as young plants containing a ‘plug’ of soil with roots and some young green stems and leaves. Although they are small plants they are just the right size to get growing fast once you plant them in bigger pots.

Your flower plants will arrive to you in a plastic container with a lid (which acts as a mini-greenhouse) to create an effective humid atmosphere for your young plants to thrive and get a promising start to give you lovely flowers. Your container may come in a box for extra protection when leaving our nursery to arriving at your home.

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