Prisma Bowl 12in Green Planters x2



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Get this duo of planting bowls for your outdoor space: in moss green and powdered-white design. UV and weather-resistant

Pack Contents: 2x 12in Planters


  • Great-value duo pack of moss-green planters for great container growing
  • Hand-finished in moss-green
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes to achieve the perfect soil moisture
  • UV and weather-resistant plastic for season after season durability
  • H15cm (6in), 30cm (12in) diameter

Enjoy this great-value duo of moss-green planter bowls ideal for presenting in your garden to show off your favourite garden flowers, salads and soft fruit like strawberries.

Both great-value and lightweight these pots are no trouble to move unlike heavier and more expensive alternatives. With an intricate powder-coated pattern on the pot exteriors they make the perfect containers to offset the plants within.

Your two bowls are pre-drilled so that excess water is able to drain freely away leaving your soil at just the right moisture levels for the healthiest of roots. Healthy roots lead to healthy plants and flowers to ensure you gardening and growing success.

UV-light and weather-resistant, you can rely on these durable containers whatever the season for on-going displays in your garden or on your plot.