Prisma Hanging Basket 12in Purple Planters x2



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Great-value twosome of hanging baskets for your plot, in attractive raisin-purple and powdered-white design. UV and weather-resistant.

Pack Contents: 2x 12in Hanging Baskets


  • Great-value duo pack of raisin-purple hanging baskets for impressive head-height displays
  • Cost-effective and lightweight hanging baskets
  • Hand-finished with raisin purple paint
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes for optimum soil moisture
  • UV and weather-resistant plastic for long-lasting performance over the seasons
  • H20cm (8in), 30cm (12in) diameter

Get this great-value duo of raisin-purple hanging baskets, ideal for displaying your favourite bedding at head height or tumbling crops like strawberries or tomatoes.

Cost effective and lightweight these hanging baskets are easy to hang up on exterior walls and posts. With an intricate powder-coated design on the outside of your baskets they provide a perfect backdrop to the flowers within. We suggest that you put purple and pink flowers in your baskets like aubretia or from our Country Romance colour trend range. Alternatively plant up herbs like purple-leaved basil or purple sage.

Your two hanging baskets are pre-drilled so that excess water can drain away freely, leaving your soil with the perfect moisture for healthy roots. Healthy roots give you healthy plants and flowers.

UV light and weather-resistant your hanging baskets will last for seasons for hanging basket displays adorning your outdoor plot all year round.