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Get this trio of pumpkin varieties Harvest Moon, Jill Be Little and Polar Bear for tasty pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 3 Plants


  • Three varieties of pumpkins for roasting, carving and ornamentation
  • F1-hybrid generation plants for vigour and natural disease resistance
  • With ground-covering leaves, perfect for keeping weeds at bay

Enjoy growing pumpkins in three striking rare varieties: you receive one healthy young plant each of pumpkin Jill Be Little, Harvest Moon and Polar Bear.

Pumpkin Jill Be Little - Enjoy home-grown pumpkin Jill Be Little, a miniature pumpkin type with an attractive orange skin with deep ribs, perfect for roasting whole.

Pumpkin Harvest Moon - A suitable carving type ideal for Halloween lanterns or chopping up in cubes for roasting for a heart-warming ratatouille.

Pumpkin Polar Bear - Ghost-white fruit perfect for Halloween! Plants produce large white pumpkins weighing up 20–25 kg (44-55 lbs) with contrasting orange flesh.

When your three pumpkin types start to flower treat them to a feed of sulphate of potash to boost the flowering and fruiting stems.

You receive three young plants arriving to your door in large letter blisters that'll fit through your letterbox, so your plants get the right ambience and the right soil to grow well while they are in transit from our nursery to your home.

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