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Enormous exhibition-worthy vegetables. The orange/yellow-skinned pumpkins have an excellent flavour too - perfect for pies and soups.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 20x Pumpkin Seeds


  • Very large orange/yellow-skinned pumpkins.
  • Tasty flesh, good for soups and pies.
  • Recommended for showing.

Worth their weight in gold, these enormous exhibition-worthy vegetables, with perfectly spherical crops are excellent for entering into competitions.

The orange/yellow-skinned pumpkins have exceptional flavour too, making them perfect for pies and soups.

If you’ve got a bit of space on your vegetable patch and fancy growing something a bit different, give this pumpkin a try. 

Pumpkins like to be well watered and well-fed throughout summer while they are growing; they’ll put out lots of leaves too that handily act as a weed suppressant to your vegetable patch.

Growing Calendar

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Sow Indoors
Sow Outdoors

How to Guide

Sow indoors

March-May: Sow 1 1⁄2in (4cm) deep in individual pots of pre-watered compost. Place in warmth 60-65°F (15-18°C). Keep soil moist at all times.


Sow outdoors

May: Sow 1 1⁄2in (4cm) deep in firm pre-watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times.


Plant out

May-June: Harden off young plants, leaving the strongest to mature, before planting out in the required harvest position 36in (90cm) apart when risk of frost has passed.