Raffia 50g Bundle


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Make this 50g raffia bundle part of your gardening kit for a supply of tying material at your fingertips, ideal for keeping stems upright on tall perennials and for tying in the stems ornamental climbers and climbing roses.

Pack Contents: 1x 50g Bundle of Raffia


  • Great-value tying solution
  • Use to tie in ornamental, pea and bean stems
  • Reliable ties, well camouflaged

This 50g bundle of Raffia does just the job for tying in the stems of climbing crops like runner beans to trellis to encourage excellent growth and the best performing crops at harvest time. Raffia camouflages discreetly into the foliage or background perfectly, making it fully practical yet perfectly hidden.

Raffia is a true must-have for a ‘bits and bobs’ garden kit. So useful when you need to prop up a bending dahlia stem or when you have a tying in job to attend to like tackling climbing roses.

Useful tip:

Use raffia if you are loathe to using synthetic equivalents and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. When it’s time to cut down stems keep hold of the raffia ties; you can put them on the bird table in spring and the birds can use it as the perfect nesting material.