Raised Bed 4x4 ft (standard size) & FREE Poly Cover


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4 by 8 ft raised beds for growing vegetables and flowers. Traditional rustic timber. With FREE poly cover for protection against pests and cold weather.

Pack Contents: 4ft x4ft


Standard Timber Gro Beds are made from plain sawn softwood timber to give a traditional, rustic look for vegetable beds. Made from 4 boards of 1.2m x 14 1/2cm x 2cm (4ft x 5 1/2in x 1/2 in)

Create a mini poly tunnel for this raised beds with the FREE polythene cover included. This cover protects your plants from the commonest garden pests and cold weather.

The poly cover is 80 micron and UV stable which protects against strong sunlight. This means you're safe in the knowledge that it's extra durable for year on year protection.

Cover Dimensions: 3m x 5m (9ft x 16 1/2 ft)