Raised Bed 4x4ft (Deluxe) & FREE Poly Cover



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Great value deluxe timber gro-beds - With modern Gardens getting smaller and growing space at a premium raised beds can be an invaluable asset to the vegetable gardener

Pack Contents: 4ft x4ft


Deluxe Timber Gro Beds are produced from planed sides and rounded toped softwood timber ideal for both vegetable beds and ornamental beds.

You receive 4 quality boards measuring 1.2m x 14 1/2cm x 4 1/2cm (4ft x 5 1/2in x 1 1/2in).

Size: 4ft x 4ft

Supplied with a free Poly Cover:

  • 3m x 5m
  • 80 microns
  • UV-light stable for extra durability and dependability

Use the Poly Cover to create a mini poly tunnel by building a simple wooden frame structure, like in our photo. A poly tunnel is great for early crops of salad or more delicate plants to protect your plants from pests and British weather.