Ranunculus aquatilis-water crowfoot- 3x Young Pond Plants


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These Ranunculus Aquatilis- Pond Plants will be suitable positioned in ponds in full sun - they'll provide colour and shelter for aquatic wildlife.

Key Features

  • Loved by pollinators
  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 3 Young Plants

Height: Various


Suitable for any size pond.

Commonly known as Water crowfoot this ranunculus is a pretty little flowering plant suitable for any size pond. Its white, yellow-centred buttercup flowers appear in summer. The plants float on the surface but they root into the mud at the base of the pond. Has deciduous foliage.

Submerged Oxygenating Plants help keep water in ponds aerated and pond life healthy. These plants float on top of the water.

Flowers June-September.

Height 15cm/6in.

Spread 40cm/16in

Growing Calendar

J Jan F Feb M Mar A Apr M May J June J Jul A Aug S Sep O Oct N Nov D Dec
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