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Get 12 canes of vigorous raspberry variety Glen Dee, producing ample fruit in mid to late summer. Regular conical fruits along with their spine-free stems mean they’re a pleasure to harvest.

Key Features

  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 12x Bare Root Raspberry Canes


Vigorous raspberry variety producing ample fruit in mid to late summer. Regular conical fruits mean they’re easy to harvest along with their spine-free stems.

Receiving your plants (12 canes)

Cut down canes to about 2cm (1in) above ground level in the first spring. This will encourage multiple canes to grow from the ground.

Tie in canes as they grow in the first summer. You may not get harvests in the first summer while the plants establish. In fact, if you notice flowers in the first summer, remove them to encourage vigorous plant growth for future harvests.

In the following summer harvest the fruits, and prune the fruiting stems after harvests to the ground level. There should be some strong leafy (non-fruiting) stems that have emerged from the ground. Tie these onto the supports, as these stems will flower and fruit the following summer.

Repeat the late summer pruning each year.

Floricane (summer-fruiting) varieties fruit on canes produced in the previous year. After fruiting, cut out the old, fruited wood in autumn/winter and tie in the new growths to the support.

Cut down all bare root planted raspberries to 2cm (1in) above ground level when planting.

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