Red and White Shallot Duo Pack - Autumn Planting


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Shallots are easy to plant and multiply in the soil to give you big returns when you grow your own. Save with this great value pack.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 30x Sets, 15x of Each Variety


  • Red and white varieties
  • Easy to peel shallots
  • Sweet and intense in flavour
  • Contrasting taste in one duo pack
  • 30 ready-to-plant shallot sets
  • Three times as many shallots at harvest time

Save money when you buy this duo pack of 30 ready-to-plant shallot sets, 15 sets each of varieties Eschalot Grise and Red Sun.

Grow these two varieties of shallots and get harvests of lots more than 30. The shallots multiply in the soil so it’s a productive way of getting lots more than you put in – the rewards of home-growing at its best.

You receive:

15x Sets of Shallot Eschalot Grise

A cream coloured first choice in shallots for top French chefs, often referred to as a Banana Shallot. Easy to peel and slice, we recommend you serve in fish dishes and add to sauces to give them bold flavour.

15x Sets of Shallot Red Sun

A red shallot perfect for a range of dishes; sautee it, pickle it or slice it raw for salads to suit. Happy to keep somewhere cool and dry to give you supplies for months.

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