Robin Seed and Nester Bundle

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Save when you buy a 5kg bag of Birds & Bees Robin & Songbird Mix and a Robin Nester ideal for the UK’s favourite garden bird, the robin.

Pack Contents: 1x 5kg Seed Mix & 1x Robin Nester


  • Help UK robins thrive
  • Specially-selected seed mix for robins
  • Brushwood open nester, specifically suited for robins
  • 5kg of seed mix with nutritious fruit, suet and sunflower seeds
  • Robin Nester: 14cm high, 25cm wide, 12.5cm deep

Save £5 caring for robins in your garden with the Birds & Bees Robin Seed and Nester Bundle. The Nester is dual-function: a cosy nesting home from spring and perfect winter shelter the Nester.

The food and shelter in this Bundle are great for robins through the colder months, encouraging these pretty birds to stay on your plot for longer and through the breeding season. The ingredients in the Birds & Bees Robin & Songbird Mix are just right for the beaks of this popular bird.

The nation’s favourite bird the musical robin is a familiar character in the garden from January to December, keeping home growers company while they get to work. At Marshalls we love robins as much as you do so we’ve created this great-value pair of robin gifts to give them an extra boost.

Because robins feed, shelter and nest near the ground we suggest you position the Robin Nester low to the ground, somewhere protected and well-hidden. You’ll be aware when the robins is about when you hear them singing their charming song.

Useful tip:

With a bit of patience robins will come to feed from your hand. Just place a little Birds & Bees Robin & Songbird Mix in the palm of your hand on a regular basis while your local robin is about. With time your robin will perch on your hand to feed, however briefly.

Your bundle includes:

5kg Birds & Bees Robin & Songbird Mix
Robin Nester